Engine Oil and filter change Lexus RX300

It’s easier than reported if you do it properly.

The engine oil tank is near the passenger side, with the drain plug pointing backward.  You cannot see the plug from the front, but you can easily reach it by going  under the front of the  car a little.  You don’t need to jack the car up.  But if you do, you should jack at the middle of the front frame jack point, so the drain plug still points straight back.  The socket size is 14 mm.

To reach the oil filter, you have to unscrew the tiny shield under the car front.  There are eight 10 mm screws and two of the same size at two sides, but screw into plastic.  All screws are easily reachable from the front and you do not need to go under the car.  Since there are 10 I would use a power tool.

If your oil filter can is white, you can see it at the top front under the engine closer to the passenger side.  It’s easy to reach from the front under the car.  There’s plenty of space there to use wrenches.

I would loosen the oil filter first when the engine is cold.  Then hand tighten it.  Run the engine, open the filler cap, unscrew and pull the drain plug, loosen the oil filter.  Since I do it inside the garage, I don’t care how long the oil drains as long as it finishes when I come back.

Screw back the drain plug with a new gasket.  The torque is 33 ft-lbf, or 45 N-m.  Put some oil on the filter seal, and screw it back hand tight, then following the instructions for 3/4 to 1 more turn.  Add about 5 qt of oil and you are done.

There were times when I never change the oil.  There may have been cakes at some point.  There are some goos right at the filler cap.  Flushing the engine is controversial but I have to flush at least the goo away.

I found the gunk flush for a couple of dollars.  Pour it into the filler cap and run the engine for 5 minutes.  The do the oil change.

After all that, I found out that the oil leaks a tiny bit.  I hope that it’s only trivial to fix.  The mechanics may have overtightened the drain plug (they always do).  So I have to increase the torque to match.  The oil filter seal may be leaking because I only tighten it by hand.  I have a adjustable cap wrench but it only works one way, loosening the filter.

Let’s see.


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